Mary Jane Herbal Brownie Mix
A Revolutionary New Product…

Powdered Oil in Mary Jane Mix Powdered Oils in Mix
Bind with herbal oil preventing loss of active ingredients
in oven.

Quick Cooking Brownies Quick Cooking
Only 30 minutes in most standard ovens.

Use Less HerbUse Less Herb 
Then traditional recipes due to extra absorbtion of mix.

Simple Easy BrowniesSuper Simple
All you need are oil and herbs.

All Natural All Natural
No chemicals that can interact negatively with herbs.

No Making Butter No Making Butter
Skip this messy, complex, time-consuming step.

No Trans Fats No Trans Fats
A healthier alternative to butter-based edibles.

No Eggs Needed No Eggs Needed
They’re already in the mix.

Customize Your Herb Customize
Your desired strength and herb type.

Delicious Brownies Delicious Brownies
Super moist and fudgy.


The Science of Mary Jane Mix
The Science

When you bake herbal brownies, the oven hits 350° and at that temperature a certain amount of your herbs will vaporize and bake off. Mary Jane Mix contains a mix of powdered oils that function to fully capture all active ingredients in the herbal oil. The powdered oils bind with your herbal oil and instead of baking off are reabsorbed back into the mix, resulting in a stronger herbal brownie. 
This is the first brownie mix developed specifically for herbal brownies. Please see our list of recommended herbs.